Feb 2, 2009

I'm in highschool.

My life hasn't been all that exciting lately. And fashion hasn't been the first priority either. Homework and school have. This weekend: Region 10 mock trial semi-finals & finals. Hopefully we'll get first place again, like we have since 1994. Go us.

American Government - Woll: Law I
The American Polity - Lanahan: Law I
Bless Me, Ultima - Anaya: English 2 PreAP
Simplifying Rational Functions: Algebra 2 PreAP
Document Based Question Essay: World History AP

Colleges better love me after highschool. Sorry for the lack of intersting posts. Above is my excuse.


Maria said...

Good luck with the contest. *

sertonina said...

Oh good lucky baby for your exams!! I ended my university examns the last week... hahaha i had studied for one and half month.... uf... all days! hahaha.

Thank you for your commet, i don´t know why my blog can you remenber for Le Blog de Betty hehehe but it´s posible for our hair! jaja kisses baby thanks you for comment me! kisses