Jan 10, 2010

Le Carousel Dress

So there's this dance at school called Carousel of Roses. It's basically a Sadie Hawkins dance that requires girls, like me, to spend around $100 on a guy. This year it's at the Westin Hotel Stonebriar in Frisco, Tx. In other words, my wonderful, and attractive date will have to drive us very far. But at least he'll have a wonderful date, me, in a nice dress.

jessica mcclintock dress


RCLow said...

Ahhh Vi, def a good choice on the dress, it's amazing :)

wreckedstellar said...

I love this dress- looks like a lovel, feminine piece and I love that it's white! Most of my formal gowns in high school were from Jessica- love her stuff! xo, mel