Jan 10, 2010

Working = Spending

The first day I actually get scheduled for the New Year and what do I do even before I clock in is walk around the mall and browse. I told myself I would only browse but found myself purchasing something. I've been told several times that I don't wear enough color or wear anything out of the ordinary. And I guess to some extent, that's true, and I came to realize that after I color coded my closet. Which resulted in me seeinig that my wardrobe consists of the following colors: grey, white, black, and blue. Although the purchase I made at J.Crew while at the mall is a blue cardigan, it has sparkles. It's somewhat old lady-ish in the picture and my crap camera does not do it any justice, I love it. Its sparkles make me feel...party girl yet classy. I call it the grandma sweater on crack. This is the part where you giggle a bit because of my bad humor.

I'm really fascinated by the beading detail in this and it didn't hurt that I barely spent over $22 on this cardigan. J.Crew equals amazing. I really need to get a better camera. Exams are coming up though which determine a lot of what will end up on my college transcript next year. This spring break I'm planning to do a college visit to the University of Texas. I'll fly there, but from Dallas it's not that far of a flight. Then stay with my cousin in her apartment, followed by her driving me home. Because well, she has to come back to Dallas for spring break anyways, so she might as well drag me along too. Well, it's late and I really should be in bed. Goodnight all.

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