Aug 23, 2008

Free is Good, Yes?

i am one of those people who believe the best things in life are free; especially when it's unexpected. My mother and I dropped by Ulta today before taking out hour long parent-taught drive time. I didn't really expect to buy much, but ended up getting a load of junk. Mom needed to purchase some eyeshadow and mascara, I just wante a new Burt's Bees, cos they're amazing. So that's all we got. When we headed up to the counter to check-out, the lady says "Oh, if you're buying this mascara from L'oreal, you get an eyeliner or eye shadow for free" So I rush over and get an eyeliner. Free of course. And then she hands us two bags of goodies. Which are the first two pictures. The third picture is what we actually bought.

I didn't really enjoy the drive-time, but what kid does when it's being done by their whiny mother? But I guess these goodies cheered me up a bit.

The Free Stuff
KMS California Hairstay Styling Gel
Ulta Va Va Vanilla hand & body cream
Ulta purple/pink eyeshadow
L'Oreal pencil perfect in cocoa

The Stuff We Bought
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara - $3.99
Little Black Book eye/lip kit - $4.99
Burt's Bees Lip Balm - $2.99
Neutrogena Rapid Clear pads - $5.99 (not pictured, cos I forgot)


Raeesa said...

I told my mom to take me to Ulta and she said no. And this is after i told her about the free stuff.

Strange, methinks.

emily said...

oooh, free is GREAT. i think i need to learn how to wear at least the basics when it comes to make-up. i don't wear anything right now!