Sep 8, 2008


I dunno why, but I'm craving these shoes from Forever 21. I can totally see myself wearing these with black tights on Dress For Success days (: And it's not like a stiletto, so my feet won't die.

Well, off to finish homework :(


yello said...

those are nice shoes! :)
i love your blog, nbtw

Tinsley said...

i love them - they look like miu mius a season back
thanks for the heads up on these!

carrie / wishwishwish said...

i have ones just like these that i got for about £8 at primark! so cheap!

BHH said...

So cute, excactly my type of heel!

Luna said...

wow, love them! from now on..I crave them too.

choppyshades said...

love these heels. perfect.