Sep 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Rants

Happy Labor Day! No school, woo! What have I been doing? Well, yesterday I spent the afternoon curled up on my couch watching Project Runway re-runs and writing invites for my sixteenth birthday. Yes guys, my "sweet sixteen." I'm not the type to go for anything extravagent, but I guess 20 people at a Vietnamese restaurant my dad works part-time at sort of counts as out of the ordinary for me. And besides, it'll be the last party I'll be having in a long time. I'm not much a party planner as I am a go-er. Here's what the invites look like & the restaurant:

Okay, so enough about my personal celebrations, on to something more "fashion related." I managed to purchase shoes for mock trial, yay! And after getting those yesterday, we stopped by Ann Taylor Loft and I found some great sandals too!

Heels - Style & Co $38.95
Sandals - Ann Taylor Loft $12.99!

And today mom took me "birthday shopping" after my driving lesson from dad. We just stopped by Forever 21 and got about $27 worth of goodies. I felt really guilty cos adding the shoes from yesterday, mom has spent over $100 on me. Plus party planning :( I'm such a bad daughter. Note to self: get mom amazing Christmas present. I'm paying $200 for my band operations fee on my own, so I guess that's my gift to them? I dunno.

Jacket, wallet, hair ties, scarf: Forever 21
Shirt: Macy's (Copper Key), this was bought yesterday, by mom while I was at home getting fat

Oh in case you were wondering, this is what I wore today. It's not my best work :( But I came home and messed around with the scarf and blue top and the second picture is what I got! Yay!

So did I redeem myself?

Top: Gap
Jeans: American Eagle
Headband: Forever 21
Shoes: Loft

I think my chest looks big. Weird. Maybe this is my good bra. Lol. I also tried to expose my big forehead in the second picture, did you notice that too? Yeah. mom hates me covering my forehead, but I think it's huge. I'm like the Asian Tyra Banks or something. And that's not a compliment when talking about foreheads.


Richel said...

haha, for sure, i def tried to use product on my hair, but it gets so weighed down if i use anything but mousse. and you're much too kind. i think we have similar hair!

BHH said...

Nice shoes, I like the 1st pair!

Unwise Pedestrian said...

Haha, your forehead isn't big! But that shouldn't stop you from creating your own reality show and midday talk show...

You made some good purchases! Good luck with the birthday planning :)

ooohmaureen said...

thanks, and yes i like it 2. and your new things are very nice :) x

Luna said...

Love the shoes!

la petite mademoiselle said...

thanks! in holland everybody is the bicycle! indeed very good for global warming, but that needs a lot of more!
nice blog!

coco said...

i like the sandals!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

wicked shoes! cute invites! :)

ninja said...

hey thanks for ya comment girl :)
and happy belated.
i totaly love the silver colored sandals