Oct 26, 2008

A light in the midst of disappointment.

So we didn't make it to state. We placed sixth in finals at area. So I guess you could say we're the sixth best marching band in our area, which is three regions. But still, it hurts to know that after all that hard work, we still lost to bands that were twice our size. I mean, we're only 160 strong, and that's pretty small for a 5A school.

Homecoming week is coming up and tomorrow kicks off with "Math Monday." In other words: dress "nerdy." Okay, so I'll wear my glasses instead of contacts, but I guess I'll be one of those "stylishly smart" people who can't manage to find anything nerdy about a plaid button-up shirt, or a pair of glasses. Those are actually very in this season.

I'll post a picture of my homecoming dress and my mum later on in the week. But tomorrow I'll probably be wearing something along the lines of this:

Tank: hco
Racerback: uo
Cardigan: hco
Jeans: f21
Shoes: uo
Nacklace: nordstrom bp
Glasses: tempo

The rest of the day will be spent writing my corss-examination for Robin McConagal, a witness. For mock trial. Oh joy. I'm almost done though, so I guess I can't really say "for the rest of the day."

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bellefantaisie.net said...

your loose white top is simple but lovely!