Nov 30, 2008

Just too Cute

I received my "College Search Journal" from Sweetbriar College the other week and even though I'm not really all that interested in an all girls college, I will admit it's possibly the most adorable thing that a college has ever sent me. It's Pictures on the left.

As for the planner on the right, I got it a while back as a birthday gift and I'm planning to use it for the 2009 year. I've already filled in the dates and important events for the year under the monthly section. The weekly section is still empty and the memo and notes section is blank. But it's too adorable.

So far the planner is filled with mock trial related practices and competitions, along with band rehearsals and competitions. Along with the mock trial trip to state (we always make it to state) and of course the band spring trip to Corpus Christi.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving?
I never did you show you guys my homecoming dress from this year. Oh and here's a picture of a part of my mum too (:

Sorry, it was late. Our homecoming dance was on November 1, 2008 by the (:

Shots of the mum. Ben, my date, did a pretty good job.


Anonymous said...

awh your dress is pretty!

Sinta said...

That's an absolutely gorgeous dress you have on :)

carrie / wishwishwish said...

you look lovely!