Jan 14, 2009

Early Release


The school had early release today, meaning I was allowed to leave at 1:00 p.m. after exams ended. Four hours, two exams, one very satisfied student. I think my grades are gonna be good, at least for the exams today. Above is the Behnaz Sarafpour Fall 2008 Collection. Yeah, I'm a little late, but I really like it. And I figured since I don't have a functioning camera right now, I'd at least post something slighly fashion oriented.

Tomorrow's exams: Science & Math (both are PAP)
Today's exams: English PAP & Spanish
The day before that: World History AP
The beginning of the week: Law I (U.S. Government)


Maria said...

Love the third outfit. It seems so simple and yet so attractive. *

Ester said...

hey! thanks for visiting my blog! hope you like it! and... GOOD LUCK with your exams! everybody is in the same way...


truck said...

This is months late, but thank you for your comment on my Food-blog :-)

Great outfit picks btw; loving your sense of fashion

Lauren said...

I love this collection, I have the belted giant knit cardigan saved in my inspo file.

x x x