Jan 19, 2009

Tomorrow's Outfit

I'm going to an afternoon meal thing with one of my friends from a nearby school. It's amazing how our schools are only a 2 minute drive apart, and yet I never get to see him, haha. After that, mock trial practice from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Then HOMEWORK!

Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Forever 21
Cardigan: Macy's
Scarf: Forever 21
Bracelet: Urban Outfitters (not shown, sorry)
Shoes: Ann Taylor Loft


Maria said...

The jacket seems just great. It's always an excelent complement. *

v said...

love the jacket


v said...

love the jacket


Chester said...

Lovely outfit.
I love your pants!

Amelia said...

Those shoes are so cute. Ugh, homework. Don't remind me.

Petra said...

Cute shoes! They are so dainty and beautiful.

Hope you had fun with your friend! xx

Raquel said...

I adore the shoes!