Jul 22, 2009

Yet another HP related post.

Watched Harry Potter yesterday. Tom Felton sings...? I'm in love with his suit. Short post. I must get ready for a clarinet lesson. But as for my opinions on his singing...

His playing is pretty amazing, I must admit that. I dunno whether it's because I've been living in America and his extremely thick accent annoys me in the song, or because his voice is just a little too wannabe John Mayer, but I'm not a fan of it. His singing that is. It's not bad, but there's nothing too spectacular about it. And now all the Tom Felton lovers are going to kill me for posting this "review." He's an amazing actor though, so it's not like I have anything against him and I do think it's sweet that most of the songs are probably about his girlfriend (: I think this second video's a little better.


Alice said...

i kind of really like his singing voice. he actually sings in his own accent whereas a lot of guys put that accent on because they think it sounds cool & indie. idk, he just seems so cute & the bit with the harmonica, aw :)

ONiC said...

omg i just know that he singing. thanks for posting, princess :]
i love his sing.

Sabrina ♥ said...

TOM FELTON ! he's my love since i was 5th grade (1st harry potter movie)
and now hes singing ! charming.

The Clothes Horse said...

He sings? I am quite surprised! He "crew" in the HP film reminded me of mini mafia...

Lauh said...

Aaaaaaw Tom *-* Tom is my favourite actor xD
My crush since... I don't know xD
sorry, but I HAD to comment on this post xD

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