Dec 22, 2009


So I know I haven't updated in a while but I have a good reason, promise. Being a junior in high school, I'm loaded with homework and studying. I've managed to drop out of mock trial because it takes up way too much time, but I love band too much to give that up. AP classes are much harder than I thought they would be. Luckily, I'm a pretty studious person so I can still mantain an A average in my classes, even if they're low A's, unfortunately. But I have done some shopping this holiday.

I'll have pictures posted eventually.

  • Madewell1937 shirt
  • Madewell 1937 brown leather belt
  • Club Monaco blue/white woven scarf
  • Club Monaco sunglasses
  • Several Gap sweaters
  • American Eagle Outfitters boots
  • Ralph Lauren (made with a little cashmere!) grey cardigan
  • Five new headbands from J.Crew
  • Several J.Crew socks, I really needed socks

This afternoon I will be heading to my 3:00 appointment at Toni & Guy for a haircut. I'm FINALLY getting a haircut you guys! My hair has gotten WAY too long, and I'm thinking I need to trim about 2 inches off, re-layer my hair, and get my side swept bangs back. Hopefully, my hairstylist, Chelsea, will use her professional skills to make me look good (:

Edit: before & after

forever 21 necklace, madewell1937 top, martin + osa jeans, sperry topsider shoes

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