Jan 29, 2010

The GOP and Starbucks.

Tonight I spent the night at school at a Law Review hosted party to watch the Belo Debate between the three Republican Party candidates for Texas governor. Perry, Medina, and Hutchinson...FAIL. I've always leaned more towards Republicans than Democrats, seeing that I was raised in a conservative Asian immigrant Catholic family, it's not a surprise. My parents voted McCain, for those who care. I liked McCain pre-Palin of course. Palin fucked up McCain's campaign, and after watching Medina, she reminds me of a fat slightly less dumb version of Palin, therefore, she's lame. K. Bailey, she's a bit of a ditz too. Perry I guess would be the least dumb, so I guess he'll be the one to win. We'll have to pick the lesser of the three evils. Anyways, before heading to the debate watching filled with fattening Domino's pizza and soda (I had water instead), I headed to Starbucks. Of course, I ordered and happily consumed a warm skinny hazlenut latte. It's snowing here in Dallas and it's also around 30 degrees; the drink was fitting for the weather. There's my rant, not fashion related at all, just my rant.

image from boisecoffee.wordpress.com

Oh by the way, did anyone watch the State of the Union Address and Republican Response. Obama's speech was pretty decent, but then again, Democrats are generally better at public speaking than Republicans, and that's quite evident. However, I was a bit annoyed by Pelosi's constant standing ovations in the middle of Obama's "great moments" in his speech. Once again, the GOP fails miserably at responding. Why the hell would you send a governor that has been in office for 11 days to present a response to the president's speech? He sounded like an informercial the whole time, bothersome. Politicians have been failing lately. Please give them some better debating and public speaking skills. Thank you.