Feb 11, 2010

1 shot of espresso = 3 shots to a barrista.

Even though it's 30 degrees and has been snowing all day here in Dallas, RISD decides not to cancel school. So of course, being such a good high school student, we decide that since we have an easy sub that is a total sweetheart and won't count us absent, the amazing friend and I decide to head to Starbucks. At Starbucks, I purchase myself a grande skinny hazelnut latte, the usual of course, but this time I ask for a shot of expresso. Apparently, that translates as three shots to the barrista. My hands are still currently mildly shaking from the espresso, but not as much as they were during my classes. But I will admit, I was awake all day. That means, by this evening, I should hit my crash.

I think I may have a coffee addiction. My dentist is going to kill me at my next appointment.


katherine said...

lol - it's 10 degrees here and 6-7 inches of snow - i still get to walk a bit to school ^_^
then again, texas is a very different climate so you aren't used to it. i expect it each year.

starbucks is addicting - i forunately have never liked it. my fiancee's sister has the kind of addiction you do though - it's kind of funny!

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