Aug 20, 2008

Inside the Bookbag

School's starting soon so today I decided to start organizing my school supplies. I know, that's totally lame and dorky and has nothing to do with fashion or style. However, the messenger is lovely and somewhat relates to fashion. It's large and fits everything like a backpack does, but much more stylish. I'm never really been fond of backpacks anyways. You will virtually never see me in public flaunting one of any sort. Anyways, here's what's in my bookbag:

Five Star grey folder with extra pockets
4 Wal-Mart bright folders
Composition book
Green Five Star notebook
Bic highlighters
Bic Pens
Bic mechanical pencils
Bic white out
Crayola colored pencils
Elmers glue stick
Pack of lined index cards
Opti-Free eyedrops
Cherry Blossom lotion from Bath & Body Works
Lip balm papaya scent from Papyrus (yes, the paper store)

The bag - Gap $8.99! What a bargain!


Raeesa said...

I've been using a messenger bag for a while, and it really is lovely.

but sometimes it is annoying when you wear it across your body and the strap lands between your boobs :P

I actually decided to just take a notebook, a folder and a couple of pens and pencils until i get my supply lists. The tide to go is a brilliant idea though :)

Richel said...

gah! school. I really need to start planning outfits!

carrie / wishwishwish said...

i totalllyy love sorting out bags for college so you're not alone! haha. its not lame at all. I especially like sorting out my stationary! haha

Alison said...

wow, vi.
you really are ready for school.
i haven't even bought my school supplies yet...
but yeah.
oh, i owe you a book.