Aug 18, 2008

School Related

So today I worked schedule pick-up for the incoming freshmen. I was only supposed to work the Law Review table, but we couldn't find the black crate until later in the morning, so I ended up selling a bunch of 2012 class shirts for about an hour or so. I think I interacted with the customers more than the other two, but the again, I'm a pretty outgoing person to begin with. So here's what I wore, like I promised I would post:

Shirt - Law Review 2008
Jeans - Forever 21
Shoes - Payless
Headband - Forever 21
Hair tie - Target

It's basically the same picture, but I thought it'd be cooler if I had more than one picture. Yeah, I'm that lame. As for my reading, I plan to do that right after I finish this blog post. And oh! I memorized segment one to the competition show opener on clarinet! How exciting! Did I also mention how old I felt when I was selling stuff to the freshmen? Mainly because I'm one of the older sophmores :( I just had to be born after September 1st! Aw, man! Screw American education system.


Mimi said...

you really do need a new camera.

carrie / wishwishwish said...

the photo is a little dark, but from what i can see, you look lovely!

Raeesa said...

stylish and casual
the ever elusive state of mind