Aug 17, 2008

Summer Reads

It's a lovely Sunday afternoon, I've already attended church and finished up my cleaning. What's there to do? Read the assigned books that I haven't read yet. I was assigned to read the following this summer:

The World that Trade Created - done
Freakanomics - done
Jane Eyre - almost done
Lord of the Flies - almost done
If Harry Potter Ran General Electric - not past chapter one

Pictured above are the three that I'm not finished reading. Tomorrow I'm working the Law Review table for freshmen schedule pick-up and I'm thinking of a pretty laid back outfit. And then afterwards, I'll be going home and having lunch, more reading, and then change my outfit to a pair of Soffees and some old t-shirt for three hours of marching band out in the 100+ degree heat. Oh joy right? I've managed to memorize segment one of our competition show though!

Yes, I'll post my "laid-back" outfit tomorrow before I change into marching clothes. No worries.