Oct 18, 2008

A Celebrity in the Midst of Suburbia

My highschool isn't known for sports, we finally broke our continuous losing streak of three years this year. But that's only because we transferred districts to 5A-3, which has smaller schools than our previous ones. So we managed to win some games. Shocking. But what it's going to be known for after the next Peter Perfect episode airs is our ability to act extremely happy even after losing horribly to another school in our district.

Peter Perfect was fixing up the spirit wear shop by our school and then attended our latest football game last night. He spent most of his time with the cheerleaders doing a cheer that we haven't done since last year. Because well, the varsity cheerleaders this year aren't as great as last year's, duh. Then he attempted to conduct next to our head drum major. Poor thing, he kept trying to get off the podium cos he was so gosh darn scared to stay up there.

My impressions: he's a bit of a coward, I mean, if a 17 year old slender girl can stand up there and conduct at every football game, why can't he do it for just five minutes for footage? He shaved. He's not really all that hairy in person. He doesn't really speak all that loudly. On his show we see him as someone really loud and out there and to be honest, I could barely hear what he was saying throughout that whole "let Peter pretend to be a drum major and look like an idiot" frenzy. As much as I love the man and his show, he's so not what I expected. But we can't blame him.

And the sad part of all this is that I was the only one in the entire band who actually knew who he was. Apparently Style Network hasn't really reached the rest of my friends yet. But sadly, I probably won't show up on television, sorry you guys. They'll probably erase my face cos I forgot to turn in that release form, oops. I'm sorry, I'm too busy being a student to care about my face being plastered across national television.

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