Oct 12, 2008

You Win Some You Lose Some

The good:
I have a homecoming date
The mock trial case is finally here (criminal case!)
I'm reading it via pdf file right now

The bad:
I have a ton of homework
I've gone to sleep at 1:00 in the morning because of band in the past two days
We only placed 7th in the Birdville Marching Festival
There were 2 schools that had the same song (different arrangement) as us
UIL Marching competition is the same day as the PSATs

The Fashion?
I'm going to Target this afternoon after church and my goal is just to purchase some random outfit for "dress for success" on Wednesday for UIL. I'm thinking of getting one of these.

I'm leaning more towards the first one. And yes, I'll have black tights under. I'm thinking about getting a pair of black flats too. And I already have a shirt for it, and a great locket necklace. I'll be set. And then I guess I should bring a jacket just in case my testing room is cold like it was last year.


saray said...

the skirt is great - you should get her!

Jillian said...

i LOVE the grey skirt!

BlossomClothing said...

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