Oct 5, 2008

A Cure For Boredom.

Rebel Badass.

top - Martin + Osa
shorts - AE cut-offs
tights - Express
boots - Liz Claiborne
necklace that you can't see - Nodstrom BP

boy-ish delight

vest - One Clothing
jeans - Forever 21
shirt - dad's closet
necklace - Nordstrom BP

school girl sophisticate, I have no idea what the hell I was thinking, but I'm thinking about wearing this one to school one day.

top - AE

skirt - HCO
jacket - Old Navy

I decided to dress up to cure my boredom. Oh, this post is for Alison.


ooohmaureen said...

thank you very much :) i like your outfits! x

getting-freaky said...

love the last outfit, it all looks so good on you ! xx

Raeesa said...

love the last one, and the first two are pretty amazing as well :)

pumpkin soup said...

Sure, your outfits are nice. I love the last one too.

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

aww thank you very much! :)

very cute outfits!!

Dee. said...

love your outfits!
iwonder how you summon the energy to dress up(:

carrie / wishwishwish said...

lovely outfits! i like the second one! very nice

Dapper Kid said...

Love all three and the boots in the first outfit are wonderful!!

Drea said...

Cool outfits! :)

Maria said...

Just love the skirt from HCO.
It's very cute. ^^