Dec 26, 2008

The Day After Christmas

So...I wore:

Martin + Osa button up
AE Jeans
Chuck Taylors
Forver 21 grey headband
Urban Outfitters tote/messenger (the white ones that are for like five dollars)

Read: Nylon January 2009 issue

Ate: A LOT OF VIETNAMESE FOOD, courtesy of the relatives

Bought: the UO tote, Nylon mage, DKNY jeans, red sweater, towels (Ralph Lauren, mom loves the "softeness" of the towels), jeans & sweater for my brother

a lot of lotion, two pairs of jeans (Pac Sun), MONEY, a wintery set thing, organic chocolate (Whole Foods!), Martin + Osa dress shirt, "Bonjour Paris" Journal (F21, from the brother), CHRISTMAS CARDS!

Good News: my license comes in the mail in 2-4 weeks (: I currently have a temporary one that looks pretty much exactly like my permit did...

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