Dec 23, 2008

Where I Live & The Holidays

Two more days until Christmas
& tonight is the third night of Channukah

I went to the Richardson Civic Center/Town Hall for a council meeting last night for my "law journal" One thing I came out learning was that regardless of the "freedom of religion" amendment, a prayer is still said before a meeting starts. It's just like that right before Congress takes session. But I guess it's fitting since everyone on the board was an elderly white male or female. Not to be racist, but that's just the general demographic that was seen. I was the only Asian in the room. But I guess that's what I get for living in the Richardson area.

Richardson's a small city next to Dallas just in case you aren't aware of that. It's a good city, there are barely any exciting events, except for the annual Santa's Village right by the Richardson Public Library.

Anyways, the meeting was basically, long story short, about finanances and the only thing that stuck in my mind was the word "yield" which they used quite often.

On to "holiday news."

My family's not big on the whole "surprise!" sort of factor. So they usually "hide" all the presents in my closet. And they're usually not even wrapped that thoroughly, at least MY gifts aren't. I already know what I'm going to receive for Christmas, and I'm quite satisfied with it.



Rand said...

happy holidays to u too!
u made me hungry with the cakes on ur blog header
btw ur comment made me really happy;)


Wow, where you live is beautiful. I seriuosly want snow for the holidays.

Martin & Osa is the same chain as American Eagle, right?

pangea said...

i just wanted to tell have a bless chirstmas and new years

Rand said...

aw u are too sweet

THE BAT said...

oh my god. so pretty!

Jillian said...

beautiful tree!
happy holidays darling!