Apr 5, 2009

Cold in April

Texas is known for its constant change in weather. It was incrediably warm and sunny the other day, and now it's around 50 degrees Farenheit. Thanks goodness for my wonderful Calvin Klein coat to protect me as I went to church this morning. Yes, I have a dead look on my face from all the studying I've been doing lately. And yes, that is my excuse for not posting lately. But hey, better late than never right? I dunno whether it's the warm weather and lack of sun or because of the lighting, but I look awfully pale in this picture. I'm actually naturally tan. Probably the lighting. Well, off to do the math project, wonderful stuff.


Maria said...

Yesterday it was such a great day and today the sky is absolutely cloudy =(
But well I try to enjoy the every good day that comes.
I hope your study phase ends soon so you can have some free time again. *

oaktree said...

i love that coat! x

yoli said...

cute blog!

Becca Joy said...

I really like your blog, its nice to see someone my age with such a successful blog. Also that coat was definitely a wonderful find!