May 2, 2009


I finally used my Target gift cards. And to buy what you ask? See above. A planner and three lined notebooks. The notebooks came in a pack. I love it (: Yes, I'm such a dork and what not. Government & Polotics AP national exam is on Monday and I feel like I'm not prepared at all. Wish me luck, I'll need it. And lots of prayer would help to. To whatever god you worship.


iheartherstyle said...

You're right :)

& good luck on your exam.

becca. said...

i like your finds :)
especially the notebooks.
thankyou for the comment on my other blog, you should check out my main blog too, fashion-train.

BrownAndCookies said...

thank you very much for your coment... i don´t know your blog but it seems very lovely :)

The "burning ribbons" started in the last sunday and it have been amazing... 7 days with great partys all day and night... tomorow is the parede in the streets at 3h pm and than, at 01h00 am, is the concert and dj´s party :)


kiss from Portugal******+


withasianstereotypes said...

Why do I like this so much? I don't know but the images are soft and soooo organized. I love your purchase.

KISS, China L.

erin meagan said...

I really need to get some things like those. Yours are very nice looking, great find!