Jul 29, 2009

Closet Cleaning

I am spending the day today cleaning out my closet. I've managed to pack up two bags full of clothing I don't wear anymore and am planning to sell to Plato's closet. It seems, these days, that all kids my age want to wear is Abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropostale, and American Eagle. So that kind of clothing, my friends, are the ones I'm selling. Please forgive me, but there was a point in time when that's all I wore, and now there's two bags full of them for me to get rid of. The jeans I'm getting rid of, however, are a bit more diverse. Consisting of Aeropostale (lame), Delia's (they're just huge on me), and of course DKNY. I didn't really want to part with the DKNY pair so much but honestly, they make me look like I have wide hips and no bum what-so-ever. And it's not like I purchased them for some ridiculous amount of money anyways. On sale for ten dollars (:

As for the millions of plastic headbands that I have come to replace with better ones, I'm giving them to a neighbor, who is around 12 years old. She'll use them a lot more than I ever will from now on.

So here's to a new wardrobe with more "mature" style in it. I will fill my closet with clothing that is more versatile, rather than base it off of the brands that kids my age tend to steer towards. I pinky promise.

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suzannah said...

thanks, that's a really good idea too! ^^

HoneyBunny said...

Oh, my closet needs that too!:))

Style Bird said...

I need a bigger closet!

Aline said...

Thanks for your Nice message on my birthday! Your blog is Great ! I' ll come back , xoxo

Parapluie said...

Sounds great! That leaves much space for things that are more "you"

MAGDArling said...

i'm in the process of cleaning and organizing my closet too;D wish me luck;))) haha;)
and u're right - it's not about brand, it's about style and look of an item;D