Aug 1, 2009

Camping and Furniture.

I have been gone since Thursday afternoon because of a leadership camp called COPE in Athens, TX that I was forced to attend as a result of becoming a member of the leadership team for band. I learned one main thing: I am a city girl. I'm used to a cell phone connection with at least a three bar signal, running water in a shower that doesn't have ants and other critters, and a matress isn't a twin, hard as a rock, and has mysterious brown streaks/stains across it. I have learned that I love my mother's cooking and that a clean bathroom that smells acceptable is a luxary. I have also learned that keeping a room at 70 degrees is the perfect temperature and if someone decides to change it to 55 degrees, I will get goose bumps, have a runny nose, and wanna shoot myself because I can't sleep. Lastly, 18 girls and two bathrooms is the worst you can do to female teenagers.

Now that I have managed to come up with a paragraph of complaints about my terrible camping experience, on with the semi-fashionable/life part of this blog.

My parents and I have been meaning to get a new sofa, and this is the final choice we came up with. What do you guys think? I love Ikea, so it wasn't a surprise when we ended up choosing this one. We'll see if the parents finally follow through and purchase a good sofa. It's a MÃ…NSTAD corner sofa-bed with storage. I'm fascinated.

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Rustin said...

<3 Loveeee me some ikea. Your on a new page on my blog, btw. the iFollow on the top.... yes, i photoshopped you.

[LA] said...


Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

oh i like the sofa! very nice!!!
plus tom felton made me smile! thank you!

HoneyBunny said...

The sofa looks awesome!

I guess I wouldn't feel too comfortable on the camping trip as well;) That's why I've been camping like three times in my life..haha;D

Sinta said...

That sofa is gorgeous :) Love Ikea, just hate the crowds. There's storage? Extra bonus!

zane said...

Casamodern brings you a classic Retro Furniture & style back into modern interiors.

J. said...

I like this sofa very much! I wish I had one (but I dont... yet... :)