Jul 20, 2009

I need a camera.

The title is pretty self-explanatory. If I ever hope to continue this blog, I will indeed, have to get myself a reasonable camera. My last one, receieved on my 12th birthday (what the hell were my parents thinking), is a crappy Kodak Easyshare with 3.2 px capability. Which is basically crappier than the majority of cell phone cameras today. TERRIBLE. I'm aiming for just some decently priced ones around 10 mega px (or maybe less, but not much) and start from there. Once I manage to save up some more cash, I'll be able to purchase a decent digital SLR for myself. Which will probably consume about two paychecks...actually more like one and a half if I get just a basic one.

I've narrowed it down to two that I can afford on my own...

  • Nikon Coolpix L19
  • 8 megapx
  • 3.6x mega zoom
  • 2.7 LCD screen
  • $109.95

  • Canon Powershot A480
  • 10 megapx
  • 3.3x zoom
  • 2.5 LCD screen
  • $129.99

    Maria Confer said...

    I here you!! I am trying to save up for a simple d slr, but even the basic ones are a bit pricey!!

    I hope you're able to get a new camera soon!!

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment!

    elleandish said...

    Hmm I've never owned a Nikon but I only have good things to say about Canon. As long as there's a macro feature, I'm all over it! ahah :)

    RCLow said...

    I think you should go with number three from my blog....

    Alice said...

    hi, thanks for the comment, i like your blog :)
    in reply to your question, i use a nikon s550 & i love it. the best advice i can give you is don't buy something because of the number of megapixels - as long as it has over 6 it will be fine. what's more important is the optical zoom - for example most cameras are 3x or 5x but if you can find higher if you could find higher it would be good.
    also, check out what other features your camera has. things like macro mode come in really useful.
    good luck :)

    Raquel said...

    I'd get the canon.

    oh and keep your blog going!! :)

    Tamstyles said...

    i bought a nikon and dropped it and its been down hill and not working at all...i am hoping to save though for the nikon d40 or 60...and great blog to.

    方大同Jason said...

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