Jul 19, 2009

For Rustin.

So Rustin tells me he wants me to keep this blog going. I think he's crazy, but whatever. I've managed to drug myself with caffiene tonight (tea and coffee), so I'll be up until two wondering what to do. I figured I should go more into detail about a recent lovely purchase I mentioned in the last post.

Obviously, this isn't me, but rather a picture of some model...modeling the coat/jacket thing I bought. Yes, this is where my paycheck goes: clothing. I'm such a typical teenaged girl.

Dallas is supposed to be such an exciting city to live in. But I haven't expreienced much excitement this summer at all. All work and studying for SATs/PSATs can kill an entire summer. If only I had auto insurance, then I could at least borrow the car to drive myself someone exciting. But then I'd probably come back and receive some form of punishment.

Happy Rustin? A semi-decent post. In your honor.

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RCLow said...

Hell yes; I had a feeling you were going to post something. :)