Jul 18, 2009

I give up.

Having this blog is almost absolutely pointless. I haven't had any new outfit posts in forever or comments for that matter. This blog is dying. Go have fun stalking me on Twitter and whatnot. I'll revive this senseless blog one day. Probably when I get a better camera. And once I stop being afraid to spend the money I earn. Why am I so fearful when it comes to using my OWN debit card? I work hard for that money? Why am I so afraid to spend it? :( Maybe it's the knowing that I should be saving up for things that are truly worth it rather than "re-creating" my new wardrobe. Which I've been trying to do for...say the past three years of my teenage life.

I'm sick and tired of the typical American Eagle/Abercrombie/Hollister trend I follow. Sure, AE & HCo have great jeans that I'm basically obsessed with...but I don't buy much else from there. And Abercrombie does have great sweaters...but my laundry skills completely destroy any potential for them to last long. And my up and down weight destroys any potential of keeping them forever either. I guess off to Plato's Closet I go the end of this summer to sell all of my "rubbish" and create a new more...adult-like wardrobe. I've already started a bit. I managed to purchase a nice autumn coat (yes, I know I have a lot) in navy from Martin + Osa. Love that store. Which adds to my collection of coats. The Kenneth Cole Reaction in gray, the Nine West in cropped black, and of course my favorite, the Calvin Klein pea coat that I love. So warm.

Here's to a new wardrobe and a long hiatus of this blog.