Jul 6, 2009

She's cool.

Alexa Chung, aside from beautiful, has a new show called It's On With Alexa Chung. At first, I really thought the show was going to be a total wreck and a TRL wannabe. But surprisingly, it's pretty amazing. Before heading off to summer school each day for the first two weeks of June, I tuned in to watch her interview celebrities (really big named ones), joke about the latest news, and amazing performances by musicians. But the thing I look most forward to is the outfits she wears each day. She's not the "typical" beauty with long blonde hair and what not, but she is quite lovely and can pull off any look that is put on her. Every outfit she wears seems to exude beauty. Then I searched her show via Facebook, but came up with "Alexa Chung, model" WHOA, that explains EVERYTHING. She's first of all, a model. But she seems to be a more rock n' roll sort of model. So here's to Alexa. Go watch her show. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.