Sep 10, 2009

The Camera Adds 10 lbs.

And I am no exception. Here's why I haven't posted anything in a while.

Explaination Vlog from vee tee on Vimeo.

For anyone that can tell and care. I'm wearing a grey jcrew shirt, martin + osa straightleg jeans, and a forever 21 necklace. My eyeliner's a bitch because I've worn it all day, so it's all smothered. I don't straighten my hair. Oh, and don't you just love the thumbnail shot? It's possibly the most unattractive thing ever.

Oh, I also didn't realize that the camera wasn't taking a shot of my face. Ooops, but I was too lazy and way too consumed by homework to reshoot it. Sorry.


Beril said...

I love this blog :)

Aury said...

me too! just discovered it and its really good. Could u check out mine too?