Aug 20, 2009

So Close, Yet So Far.

Being the teenage girl that I am, I constantly text. The problem, however, is that I have 400 text messages per month. Guess how many times I've gone over at least $20? Every month, basically. So to save my parents from the hassle of spending more than the price of unlimited, I did a lot of begging and Mom basically gave in. That is, until she said "I have to discuss this with your dad first." But let's start from the beginning. Mom already agreed to get me a Blackberry Curve, T-Mobile was having a reasonably priced sale (you know Asian mothers can't resist good deals). The sales associate told us that in order to own a Blackberry, one must also purchase unlimited texting. DING DING DING. Unfortunately, mom didn't end up purchasing the Blackberry, or the unlimited texting for me. So, alas, I must wait until my contract actually expires in MAY 2010 to get a new phone, and unlimited texting. For now, I will go over my bill until my parents get the point.

On with shopping news. I've been to the mall basically every other day this week. This being the week before school starts, it makes sense that the parents would allow me to do so. I've probably spent more on OTHER people than myself though. I did manage to buy two pairs of Martin + Osa jeans, socks from Jcrew (I know, socks), a fleece from Eddie Bauer (for band warmth purposes, not stylish at all), and some body lotion from Coach. Here are shots of the only decent things I bought, the jeans.

straight leg & boot-cut

And yes, I did get these hemmed the next day. Being pathetically short, I had to or else I would destroy the bottom of these jeans in a matter of days. The boot-cut is actually a lighter blue-ish gray wash. My terrible phone camera doesn't produce good images. I had to do some editing to even get the pictures to turn out halfway decent. Keyword: HALFWAY.


kiss me quick said...

ahahah. yes the book isn't the most exciting thing ever... ^^
thanks for the comment

those pants are amazing and look really good on you. ***

emily :) said...

Pants are REALLY nice!!! I love them! Andi have the same texting problem, i have some ocd i just have to text :)

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, and yes we do get deals from primark but we dont tell you about the half hour long queues and the place being the messiet place on the planet!!!


Lauh said...

Well, too bad you don't have unlimited messages. I have, thankfully. Can't you change it? We can change it here :/

I like your jeans. I need to go shopping urgently! HAHA but don't know exactly where. Oh well... see you aroud.

Ps: I have a post where you can see my ring better, now.


Anonymous said...

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