Aug 2, 2008

Back to School Shopping

I had a budget of $100, I spent $103 on everything. Don't worry, mom didn't pay for any of it. It's all personal cash from a summer's worth of work. Might I add that this is working right after BCIS classes? Yes, I was trying to "get ahead" by taking a computer class. Anyways, here's what I got. Sorry for the bad images.

So the first thing is a henley thing that I'm probably gonna end up using as a vest or tying it in the back to look like somewhat of a halter tank.. Second is a sweater like shirt, I love the way it fits on me. And of course, socks because well, mom says I have too many socks with holes in them. I guess there's some truth to that.

Henley - $9.99 (UO)
Sweater Shirt - $8.97 (Gap)
Socks - $2.99 each (Delia's)

I wanted skinny, dark wash jeans, so I got them. And then of course, shorts. The t-shirt was free, I couldn't help myself.

Jeans - $12.50 each (Forever 21)
Shorts - $14.95 (AE, forgive me)
Tee - FREE (AE, forgive me again)

Satin gladiators & messenger bag. When I saw these shoes, I was like "oh crap, I can't spend $20 on a pair of gladiators, but then I realized they were the last pair, and then saw that they were in my size. I thought it was fate. I went up to the register and the lady said they were $9.99. I think that was definitely fate.

Shoes - $9.99 (UO)
Bag - $8.97 (Gap)

Sweats and its detailing on the back. Yes, I needed some for marching season. When the weather begins to get cold, these will be needed. When we're rehearsing the rain, these will be needed. When there are long bus rides for our spring trip, state, PESH invitation, various other marching competitions, these will be needed.

Sweats - $9.99 (Delia's)

I think this shopping trip went well.


The Clothes Horse said...

Nice buys! I love back to school shopping.

Raeesa said...

I want those sandals!

yulanda said...

wow, I can't believe you got all that for $103! The sandals are cute. I love surprise discounts at the cash register.