Mar 2, 2010

I should be saving money.

So I got my tax refund back from the government. Since I'm a teenager that gets paid only $8/hour, my tax return sucked. But, it did go towards a semi-decent purchase. I've been meaning to buy a pair of darker wash jeans, but not too dark. Martin + Osa, one of my favorite stores, had a sale that included jeans and an additional 20% off at check out. So for $23.50, I got myself a pair of jeans :)

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Unfortunately, being a public high school kid in Texas, tomorrow I have a stupid state test called TAKS. Luckily, it's exit level and usually super easy. I've scored a perfect score several times because the state always has to dumb it down to make it fair for the rest of the school population that's not an AP kid. I'm definitely looking forward to senior year when I don't have to associate myself with TAKS and attacking the TAKS for hours of my day. I have more important things to learn.


Erika said...

oh my, i'm glad i don't have to take the TAKS ever. again >.<

katherine said...

Ohio has tests like that too...The ORGs or something? They started having sophmores take it when I was a sophomore so I never had to take it - I just got to miss a lot of school because they had late starts so the sophomores could "have their peace".
I don't get why we have tests like that - it doesn't proove anything you are right.

I love tax returns - I usually get a decent amount back because I get taxed at a higher income level I make, I get a lot back. I wonder what I'll get back this year because I had an 8 dollar an hour job too!!

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